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 Including a natural sweetfish good luck and the mountain products of the river
With the flow of the spacious river.
Please leave the banquet in a great number of people
Dining together is cooking of this museum pride, too.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
          Hotel Ayutei

 Sweetfish (ayu)

banquet roomn
Please use it in a meeting, the party.

Large banquet room
I can see a flow of the magnificent Kuji River and a mountain range of Okukuji from the banquet room.


Assorted sashimi, Hitachi cow sukiyaki

Konjac sashimi from hometown, small bowl

A betrothal present such as a festival, the banquet
It is a class reunion, a welcome and farewell party
an auspicious event, a Buddhist memorial service
I accept it according to other budgets

From banquet dish ‥ 3,500 yen
Karaoke fee for use ‥ 5,000 yen
Mahjong fee for use ‥ 4,000 yen
Go, shogi ‥ free of charge

※ To the visitor who is higher than 15 people
I take you to and from by minicoach free
※ For group, a fee system banquet
I accept consultation according to a budget

 Hotel Ayutei  

The taste only in the homewhich pursued the taste of the sweetfish thoroughly is the gem which I can recommend to gourmets.

You can enjoy the banquet dining together by a dish of the ayutei pride blessed with a river and mountain products and beautiful scenery, too.

 In In Hotel Ayutei, the view from the guest room is particular, too. You can enjoy the mountain range of Okukuji with beauty of the four season.

  There are santa hot spring, park Arcadia, a contact farm, a waterfall of Fukuroda, the sightseeing spot including the ryujin gorge and many golf courses in the outskirts.
 How about the handmade pressed flower in memory and the memory of the trip? Our hotel proprietress helps you until original work completion.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan   Hotel Ayutei TEL 0120-174-809