4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan   Hotel Ayutei TEL 0120-174-809                 


 Please use it to staying a meal, rest.
It is during advantageous Internet reservation discount favorable reception acceptance.
The Internet free with wireless LAN perfection Available.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
          Hotel Ayutei

 Sweetfish (ayu)

Bathroom cypress bath
With the gentle feel of the luxurious total hinoki (hinoki) bath
Please enjoy the fragrance of the forest

Bathroom bath set in the cave
A bath set in the cave full of the rural beauty and the fragrance from bathroom of the hinoki heal both the heart and the body

Guest room
Time relaxing in a room full of the flavor for calm harmony
Please fully thoroughly enjoy it

❖ Get and back in a day (until from 10:00 to 15:00)
※ large room is available only for bathing 700 yen
Private room presuming on bath 1,500 yen

❖ Stay (15:00 - next day 10:00)
Room without meals 5,500 yen
With breakfast 6,500 yen
Two meals of weekdays 8000-1300 0 yen belonging to
Two meals of day before holiday 9000-1500 0 yen belonging to

※ Child (under 12 years old) 50-70%
※ I accept the business rate according to a budget
※ The visitor who is higher than 15 people is a microbus
I take you to and from free
※ In the sports camp of a gymnasium, the baseball field of the neighborhood
I prepare
※ Fishing mountain stream fishing tennis golf saic
Of the ring hiking guide you
※ I cope in spring vacation in long-term staying summer
Please refer for the details

 Hotel Ayutei  

The taste only in the homewhich pursued the taste of the sweetfish thoroughly is the gem which I can recommend to gourmets.

You can enjoy the banquet dining together by a dish of the ayutei pride blessed with a river and mountain products and beautiful scenery, too.

 In In Hotel Ayutei, the view from the guest room is particular, too. You can enjoy the mountain range of Okukuji with beauty of the four season.

  There are santa hot spring, park Arcadia, a contact farm, a waterfall of Fukuroda, the sightseeing spot including the ryujin gorge and many golf courses in the outskirts.
 How about the handmade pressed flower in memory and the memory of the trip? Our hotel proprietress helps you until original work completion.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan   Hotel Ayutei TEL 0120-174-809