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 Hitachi-Omiya-shi is a village of the sweetfishs.The beautiful mountains and good family meet a coming person.
Castle (mijyo) rises in the middle of the town,The traditional skill including the Nishinouchi Japanese paper is valid.
A waterfall and the golf course of Fukuroda are near, too; for fishing and campingIt is a popular area.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan
          Hotel Ayutei


 Sweetfish (ayu)

茨城県 大子町 袋田の滝 四度の滝


Waterfall of Fukuroda

I am called "4 degrees waterfall", and, as for each expression, a flavor is deep in the four seasons.

茨城県 常陸太田市 竜神狭 竜神大吊橋


Ryuzin bridge

375m in total length, 100m in height. It is for exclusive use of a walker and is the best among Honshu. Dynamic scenery opens.

茨城県 常陸大宮市 パークアルカディア


Park Arcadia

Athletic, putter golf, a planetarium, a natural experience-based center including the forest Hall of Science.

常陸大宮市 山方宿 ふれあい農園


Contact farm

The mountainous district hotel is famous as a production center of the fruit. Please enjoy fresh seasonal taste.



Osato contact open space

As for the tennis court, the target bird golf ground, the pool, the baseball field, the art culture including the sculpture.

Golf Club  Location  Telephone 
Asami country club 1916-1, Sugisaki, Uchiharacho, Higashiibaraki-gun TEL029-259-3811
Azalea country club 814, Osezawa, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-56-3131
Rising golf club 1178-1, Torinoko, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-54-6161
Spa Fukuroda golf club 166, Uchiono, Daigo-machi, Kuji-gun TEL02957-6-0777
Ibaraki Pacific country club 1113, Kamioka kamiozawa,Sekinamicho,Kitaibaraki-shi TEL0293-46-4111
Ibaraki royal country club 1695, Mashiicho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-72-6666
Oarai golf club 8231-1, Isohamacho, Oarai-machi, Higashiibaraki-gun TEL029-266-1234
Kasama country club 15, Hizawa, Kasama-shi TEL0296-72-1211
Starts Kasama golf club 2340-1, Ikenobe, Kasama-shi TEL0296-72-8126
Katsuta golf club 1506, Nagasuna, Hitachinaka-shi TEL029-285-5131
Katsuragaoka country club 1155, Suzukoya, Katsura-mura, Higashiibaraki-gun TEL029-289-2411
Kabaya golf club 2408-1, Kuniosa, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-56-2311
Kanasago country club 2856-1,Nakatoshikazu,Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-76-1611
Country club the lakes 890, Minamiyoshiwara, Kasama-shi TEL0296-72-7111
Kujikawa country club 4933, Yamagata, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-57-3111
Spa & golf resort Kuji 1398, Iwatecho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-76-1711
Grand slam country club 823-11, Tawataricho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-74-4111
Golf' club Seven Lakes 533-47, Kitashiogo, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-53-4111
The ocean golf club 771-1, Ogitsucho, Hitachi-shi TEL0294-43-8111
Southern yard country club 776, Shimofuruuchi, Shirosato-machi, Higashiibaraki-gun TEL0292-88-5888
Golf 5 country sunny field 1743-14, Noguchi, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-55-3232
Shizu Hills country club 5766, Oba, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL029-296-2111
Mana golf club 168, Nishishiogo, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-53-1144
Suifu golf club 1450, Tourenjicho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-85-1191
Shinseizanso country club 1063,Shimodaimoncho,Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-72-7777
Shin cent Fields golf club 2399, Kamitoshikazucho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-76-3111
Kamomegasu boukai golf course 2718-2, Kamitezuna Takahagi-shi TEL0293-22-2534
Kasama Forest golf club 301, Fukuhara, Kasama-shi TEL0296-74-4561
Takahagi country club 1609-3, Kamikimidayoshinome,Takahagi-shi TEL0293-28-0021
Fukurodanotaki country club 19-9, Toda Hatsubara, Daigo-machi, Kuji-gun TEL02957-2-3000
Shin Satomi country club 2055-1, Nakanosawa, Fukahagicho in Hitachi-shi TEL0294-59-0111
Naka country club 690,Wakabayashi,Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-53-1161
Hitachi golf club 3033, Namekawacho, Hitachi-shi TEL0294-21-6136
Hitachi Takasuzu golf club 1730, Shirahanecho, Hitachiota-shi TEL0294-78-0111
Village club Daigo golf course 3090, Shimoyazawa Konamase Daigo-machi TEL02957-6-0371
Fuji country Kasama club 2523, Ikenobe, Kasama-shi TEL0296-72-8111
Mito green country club Teruda course 1900-1,Teruda, Hitachiomiya-shi bank TEL0295-57-2126
Mito green country club Yamagata course 1507, Teruda, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-57-3331
Mito golf club 1760, Kakuraicho, Mito-shi TEL029-251-2323
Mito lakes country club 754, Haruzono Shirosato-machi, Higashiibaraki-gun TEL029-288-5600
Rock Hill golf club 5374, Kamiose, Hitachiomiya-shi TEL0295-56-3211

The taste only in the homewhich pursued the taste of the sweetfish thoroughly is the gem which I can recommend to gourmets.

You can enjoy the banquet dining together by a dish of the ayutei pride blessed with a river and mountain products and beautiful scenery, too.

 In In Hotel Ayutei, the view from the guest room is particular, too. You can enjoy the mountain range of Okukuji with beauty of the four season.

  There are santa hot spring, park Arcadia, a contact farm, a waterfall of Fukuroda, the sightseeing spot including the ryujin gorge and many golf courses in the outskirts.
 How about the handmade pressed flower in memory and the memory of the trip? Our hotel proprietress helps you until original work completion.

4-2, Onuki, Hitachiomiya-shi, Ibaraki, Japan   Hotel Ayutei TEL 0120-174-809